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My Highland Lassie, O

Nae gent­le dames, tho’ e’er sae fair,
Shall ever be my muse’s care:
Their tit­les a’ arc empty show;
Gie me my High­land las­sie, O.

Chorus.-Within the glen sae bus­hy, O,
Aboon the plain sae ras­hy, O,
I set me down wi’ right guid will,
To sing my High­land las­sie, O.

O were yon hills and val­lies mine,
Yon palace and yon gar­dens fine!
The world then the love should know
I bear my High­land Las­sie, O.

Gras im Schnee

But fick­le for­tu­ne frowns on me,
And I maun cross the raging sea!
But while my crim­son cur­r­ents flow,
I’ll love my High­land las­sie, O.

Alt­ho’ thro’ for­eign cli­mes I ran­ge,
I know her heart will never chan­ge,
For her bosom burns with honour’s glow,
My faith­ful High­land las­sie, O.

For her I’ll dare the billow’s roar,
For her I’ll trace a distant shore,
That Indi­an wealth may lust­re throw
Around my High­land las­sie, O.

Gras im Schnee

She has my heart, she has my hand,
By secret troth and honour’s band!
Till the mor­tal stro­ke shall lay me low,
I’m thi­ne, my High­land las­sie, O.

Fare­well the glen sae bus­hy, O!
Fare­well the plain sae ras­hy, O!
To other lands I now must go,
To sing my High­land las­sie, O.

(Song by Robert Burns 1786)

schnee auf Gras

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