Cease to exist

This is Part II of the heartbreaking “Goodbye for forever” from Claire and Jamie from Dragonfly in Amber. Part I is Rare Woman,  Part III is Longer than that and Part IV is Once more

and in another Tone

The whole Scene from Dragonfly in Amber:

When he could wait no longer, he took me, a knife to its scabbard, and we moved hard together, pressing, wanting, needing so urgently that moment of ultimate joining, and fearing to reach it, for the knowledge that beyond it lay eternal separation.He brought me again and again to the peaks of sensation, holding back himself, stopping, gasping and shuddering on the brink. Until at last I touched his face, twined my fingers in his hair, pressed him tight and arched my back and hips beneath him, urging, forcing.“Now,” I said to him, softly. “Now. Come with me, come to me, now. Now!”He yielded to me, and I to him, despair lending edge to passion, so the echo of our cries seemed to die away slowly, ringing in the darkness of the cold stone hut.We lay pressed together, unmoving, his weight a heavy blessing, a shield and reassurance. A body so solid, so filled with heat and life; how could it be possible that he would cease to exist within hours?“Listen,” he said at last, softly. “Do you hear?”
At first I heard nothing but the rushing of the wind, and the trickle of rain, dripping through the holes of the roof. Then I heard it, the steady, slow thump of his heartbeat, pulsing against me, and mine against his, each matching each, in the rhythm of life. The blood coursed through him, and through our fragile link, through me, and back again.We lay so, warm beneath the makeshift covering of plaid and cloak, on a bed of our clothing, tangled together. Then at last he slipped free, and turning me away from him, cupped his hand across my belly, his breath warm on the nape of my neck.“Sleep now a bit, mo duinne,” he whispered. “I would sleep once more this way—holding you, holding the babe.”

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Quote and Excerpt by Diana Gabal­don from “Dragonfly in Amber“
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  1. Norma D
    February 25

    It is hard to believe that one day a person is alive and the next they are not. Thanks for sharing.

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      February 25

      Hi Norma,
      thanks for your comment. yes thats hard to believe and and I do not even want to imagine what it would be to lose my lover forever. Heike

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