Cease to exist

This is Part II of the heartbreaking “Goodbye for forever” from Claire and Jamie from Dragonfly in Amber. Part I is Rare Woman, Part III is Longer than that and Part IV is Once more

and in another Tone

The whole Scene from Dragonfly in Amber:

When he could wait no lon­ger, he took me, a kni­fe to its scabbard, and we moved hard toge­ther, pres­sing, wan­ting, nee­ding so urgent­ly that moment of ulti­ma­te joi­ning, and fea­ring to reach it, for the know­ledge that bey­ond it lay eter­nal separation.He brought me again and again to the peaks of sen­sa­ti­on, hol­ding back him­s­elf, stop­ping, gas­ping and shud­de­ring on the brink. Until at last I touched his face, twi­ned my fin­gers in his hair, pres­sed him tight and arched my back and hips bene­ath him, urging, forcing.“Now,” I said to him, soft­ly. “Now. Come with me, come to me, now. Now!”He yiel­ded to me, and I to him, des­pair len­ding edge to pas­si­on, so the echo of our cries see­med to die away slow­ly, rin­ging in the darkness of the cold stone hut.We lay pres­sed toge­ther, unmo­ving, his weight a hea­vy bles­sing, a shield and reas­suran­ce. A body so solid, so fil­led with heat and life; how could it be pos­si­ble that he would cea­se to exist wit­hin hours?“Listen,” he said at last, soft­ly. “Do you hear?”
At first I heard not­hing but the rus­hing of the wind, and the trick­le of rain, drip­ping through the holes of the roof. Then I heard it, the ste­ady, slow thump of his heart­beat, pul­sing against me, and mine against his, each matching each, in the rhythm of life. The blood cour­sed through him, and through our fra­gi­le link, through me, and back again.We lay so, warm bene­ath the makes­hift covering of plaid and cloak, on a bed of our clot­hing, tang­led toge­ther. Then at last he slip­ped free, and tur­ning me away from him, cup­ped his hand across my bel­ly, his bre­ath warm on the nape of my neck.“Sleep now a bit, mo duin­ne,” he whis­pe­red. “I would sleep once more this way — hol­ding you, hol­ding the babe.”

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Quote and Excerpt by Diana Gabal­don from “Dragonfly in Amber“
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  1. Norma D
    February 25

    It is hard to belie­ve that one day a per­son is ali­ve and the next they are not. Thanks for sharing.

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      February 25

      Hi Nor­ma,
      thanks for your com­ment. yes thats hard to belie­ve and and I do not even want to ima­gi­ne what it would be to lose my lover fore­ver. Hei­ke

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