Clan McKenzie

Dougal McKenzie

Born: 1694
Died: 1746
Par­ents: Jacob MacKen­zie and Anne Grant
Sib­lings: Ellen, Colum, Janet, Flo­ra, Jocas­ta
Wife: Mau­ra Grant Child­ren: Mol­ly, Tib­by, Mar­ga­ret, Elea­nor; Hamish MacKen­zie, Wil­liam Buc­cleigh MacKen­zie 

Pictures of Outlander

Letitia Chisholm McKenzie

Born: not known
Died: not known
Par­ents: not known
Hus­band: Colum ban Camp­bell McKen­zie Child­ren: Hamish MacKen­zie

Pictures from Outlander

Colum ban Campbell MacKenzie

Born: 1693
Died: 1745
Par­ents: Jacob MacKen­zie and Anne Grant
Sib­lings: Ellen, Dou­gal, Janet, Flo­ra, Jocas­ta
Wife: Leti­tia Chis­holm McKen­zie Child­ren: none (Hamish McKen­zie is the son of his Bro­ther Dou­gal)

Colum McKenzie
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  1. Norma D
    February 16

    Your choice of pic­tures and quo­tes are works of art! Thank you for put­ting my favo­ri­te quo­ta­ti­ons in a Safer Place.

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      February 16

      Thank you so much for your com­ment here at my litt­le safer-place! And of cour­se i am glad you like my work 🙂 LG Hei­ke Gin­ger

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