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That tower rises six­ty feet from the ground,” he told me, “and it’s thir­ty feet in dia­me­ter, wi’ three floors.” He hea­ved a sigh. “We swept it from the top to the bot­tom,” he said, “and scrub­bed it from the bot­tom to the top. It took five days, and I can tas­te rot­ted oat-straw when I cough, even now.”
“And you tried to kill me on the third day,” said Jamie, “for get­ting us into that.” He touched his head gin­ger­ly. “I had a wicked gash over my ear, whe­re ye hit me wi’ the broom.”
“Oh, weel,” Ian said com­for­ta­b­ly, “that was when ye bro­ke my nose the second time, so we were even.”
“Trust a Mur­ray to keep score,” Jamie said, shaking his head.
“Let’s see,” I said, coun­ting on my fin­gers. “Accord­ing to you, Fra­sers are stubborn, Camp­bells are sne­aky, MacKen­zi­es are char­ming but sly, and Gra­hams are stu­pid. What’s the Mur­rays’ dis­tin­guis­hing cha­rac­te­ris­tic?”
“Ye can count on them in a fight,” said Jamie and Ian toge­ther, then laug­hed.
“Ye can too,” said Jamie, reco­vering. “You just hope they’re on your side.” And both men went off into fits again.

All rights for the Pic­ture go to the right­ful owner Starz.
Quo­te and Excerpt by Diana Gabal­don.
I own not­hing but the editing
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  1. nancy daniels
    December 27

    It was an ama­zing sto­ry line through out the movie. I loved it, and the love sto­ry bet­ween clai­re and jamie was magi­cal. then brin­ging jamie back home to his fami­ly and fri­ends was nice and see­ing rela­ti­ons­hip with his child­hood fri­end ian was pret­ty cool. Of cour­se the ending was heart wren­ching, but that was some of the best work I have seen in actors in a long time. Also its the best script wri­ting I’ve seen in a very long time congra­tu­la­ti­ons on your hard work!
    nan­cy dani­els

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