Evils of the Past

Picture and Quote from Outlander

The who­le Sce­ne:

Which lea­ves a choice, I sup­po­se,” I said, try­ing to be bra­ve and objec­tive. “If we’re dead, they’d go, becau­se without us, they’ve no real rea­son to be here. But if we’re not dead — will they go any­way? Will we send them away, I mean? Becau­se of the war. It won’t be safe.”
“No,” he said soft­ly. His head was bent, stray auburn hairs lif­ting from his crown, from the cowlicks he had beque­a­thed both to Bree and to Jem­my. “I din­na ken,” he said at last, and lifted his head, loo­king out into the distan­ce of land and sky. “No one does, Sas­se­nach. We must just meet what comes as we can.”
He tur­ned and laid his hand over mine, with a smi­le that had as much of pain in it as joy.
“We’ve ghosts enough bet­ween us, Sas­se­nach. If the evils of the past can­na hin­der us — neit­her then shall any fears of the future. We must just put things behind us and get on. Aye?”
I laid a light hand on his chest, not in invi­ta­ti­on, but only becau­se I wan­ted the feel of him. His skin was cool from swea­ting, but he had hel­ped dig the gra­ve; the heat of his labor glo­wed in the mus­cle bene­ath.
“You were one of my ghosts,” I said. “For a long time. And for a long time, I tried to put you behind me.”
“Did ye, then?” His own hand came to rest light­ly on my back, moving uncon­scious­ly. I knew that touch — the need of tou­ching only to reas­su­re oneself that the other was actual­ly the­re, pre­sent in flesh.
“I thought I couldn’t live, loo­king back — couldn’t bear it.” My throat was thick with the memo­ry of it.
“I know,” he said soft­ly, his hand rising to touch my hair. “But ye had the bairn — ye had a hus­band. It was­na right to turn your back on them.”
“It wasn’t right to turn my back on you.” I blin­ked, but tears were lea­king from the cor­ners of my eyes. He drew my head clo­se, put out his tongue, and deli­ca­te­ly licked my face, which sur­pri­sed me so much that I laug­hed in the midst of a sob, and near­ly cho­ked.
“I do love thee, as meat loves salt,” he quo­ted, and laug­hed, too, very soft­ly. “Din­na weep, Sas­se­nach. Ye’re here; so am I. There’s naught that mat­ters, asi­de from that.”

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Excert and Quo­te by Diana Gabal­don from “A Breath of Snow and Ashes“
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