First Kisses sometimes are forever

Before the Wedding

Pictures from Outlander


The Wedding

I had the impression that we were holding each other up; if either of us let go or looked away, we would both fall down. Oddly, the feeling was mildly reassuring. Whatever we were in for, at least there were two of us.

Pictures of Outlander

 More than 20 years later

“It’s only…the first time…I didn’t think it would be forever. I meant to go, then.”
He snorted faintly, the sweat gleaming lightly in the small hollow in the center of his chest.
“And ye did go, and came again,” he said. “You’re here; there’s no more that matters, than that.”
“What did you think, the first time we lay together?” I asked. The dark blue eyes opened slowly, and rested on me.

Pictures of Outlander

The Vow


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Quote and Textexcerpt by Diana Gabal­don from “Out­lan­der“ and ” Voyager”
I own not­hing but the editing
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  1. Deanna Miller
    January 24

    Just want to tell you again how beautiful your work is and thank you for all the contributions you make to the group. You are much appreciated!

    • Heike Ba
      January 24

      Hi Deanna,

      It is always a pleasure to work on the Pictures, find the right Quotes and then show it to other Fans. That give me a lot of Happiness! So you are verra welcome 🙂 Thanks Heike

  2. Stacy
    September 3

    Especially loved this one. Thank you for your efforts.

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      September 7

      Hi Stacy..thanks for you Comment…LG Heike Ginger

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