I was Traveling –Part 2

Here now Part 2 from my last Trip to Westkapelle/​Netherlands. 

How grand to see the white maned bil­lows roll,
And was­te their fury on the rocky shore,
Or lis­ten to their loud, ter­ri­fic roar,
And then to think of him who can con­trol



The stor­my winds and the tem­pes­tuous sea,
And whis­pers “peace, be still,” and winds and waves
His will obey, hus­hed by his lul­la­by.
Then why are we of fear the wil­ling slaves,



When we have but to wake our slee­ping Lord,
Or rather trust the pro­mi­se of his word,
And feel secu­re, from every dan­ger free,
And have a calm sere­ni­ty res­to­red,



Like to the glas­sy sur­face of the deep,
When winds and waves are hus­hed in noi­seless sleep?
(A Sea Side Reflec­tion by S. Moo­re )



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