I was traveling -The Ocean

Morn on the Sum­mer Sea – the brea­king light
Is trem­bling on the mountain’s mis­ty height,
And upland lea – and on the distant glen–
And o’er the waters – far from haunts of men.


How faint and sweet from yon­der secret dell,
Swells o’er the wave the ear­ly vil­la­ge bell,
Bor­ne with the sounds of tin­kling herds – and hark!
O’er the blue hills, the music of the lark
Rings clear­ly from the sil­ver clouds that rest,
Like a bright Crown, above the moun­tain-crest.

Westkapelle Beach

O! green and hap­py land! who­se head­lands grey,
Are, in the distan­ce, mel­ting fast away;
Ye peace­ful vales – the wanderer’s own sweet home,
And ye old woods! – fare­well. – The cur­ling foam–
The bound­less sea, with all its host of waves,
May dash ere evening o’er our lonely gra­ves.


Thou dark, unf­a­thomed Oce­an! in thy halls
No sear­ching glance of kind­ly sun­light falls–
Far through thy azu­re dep­ths the sea-snakes sweep,
And the huge Kra­kens haunt thee – stor­my deep!

Yet hast thou wealth of glo­rious things, far down
Thy hid­den pala­ces – jewels and crown,
And the reich spoils of many a shat­te­red bark,
Lie with thy Sea-Stars and the oce­an shark;

And from thy many-twin­kling sands, bright gems
Shi­ne like the pearls in kin­gly dia­dems.
The broad Sea-Fag lies the­re – and tufts of green,
Oft through thy glas­sy dep­ths are dim­ly seen;
And the Sea-Grape and yel­low Fan o’erspread

Thy path­less empi­re – and the Coral’s red
Glows mid thy sno­wy peb­bles and rich sand,
And scar­let Shells that glis­ten o’er the strand.
–Sea! thou art full of life! things swift and stran­ge
Through thy mys­te­rious tides, half sha­peless, ran­ge.

Beach at Westkapelle

Noon on the fla­shing bil­lows. All the day
We have gone light­ly on our foa­ming way;
And the glad sun a tran­quil smi­le hath sent
From his bright thro­ne in yon­der fir­ma­ment.

Sea Storm

The bois­te­rous water from the sea’s full urn;
The storm-dren­ched Petrel curbs his tired wing,
To view awhile our rapid wan­de­ring–


O! bound­less Sea! with thy uphea­ving sur­ge,
Whitened with foam-wre­aths to thy glo­rious ver­ge;
With thy strong tides – thy multi­tu­de of waves–
And the wild voices of thy thousand caves–
And thy stern rage when tem­pests mad­den thee!
Fear­ful thou ever art, Eter­nal Sea!

Waves crush

Poem ” The Ocean” by Isaac McLellan (1806 – 1899)
Photos by Heike “Ginger” Ballegeer at Westkapelle/​Netherlands 2015
Heike Ginger Ba Written by:

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  1. Maureen Gauvin-Lizotte
    August 1

    Hei­ke my fri­end — this is such a beau­ti­ful poem & one I am not fami­li­ar with! Your pho­tos are exqui­si­te as they per­fect­ly cap­tu­re and match the emo­ti­on of the wor­ds! I am a water sign (July 1/​Cancer) and love the sea in all it’s glo­ry. Thank you so very much for sharing the­se my sis­ter Sas­se­nach!❤??

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      August 2

      Hi Mau­re­en,

      sor­ry that i am so late with my ans­wer, but i was on Vaca­ti­on :). Thank you for your kind com­ment and your visit here. Glad you like my Pho­tos. “The Oce­an” is one of my fav Poems about the sea and i am hap­py you like it also. LG Hei­ke Gin­ger Ba

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