It willna be today

The whole Scene:

I couldn’t let you go without say­ing … some­thing. I sup­po­se ‘Good luck’ will do.” I hesi­ta­ted, wor­ds jamming in my throat with the sud­den urge to say much more than the­re was time for. In the end, I said only the important things. “Jamie — I love you. Be care­ful!”
He didn’t remem­ber Cullo­den, he said. I won­de­red sud­den­ly whe­ther that loss of memo­ry exten­ded to the hours just befo­re the batt­le, when he and I had said fare­well. Then I loo­ked into his eyes and knew it did not.
“‘Good luck’ will do,” he said, and his hand tigh­te­ned on mine, like­wi­se fro­zen to the cur­rent that sur­ged bet­ween us. “‘I love ye’ does much bet­ter.”
He touched my hand, lifted his own and touched my hair, my face, loo­king into my eyes as though to cap­tu­re my image in this moment — just in case it should be his last glim­pse of me.
“The­re may come a day when you and I shall part again,” he said soft­ly, at last, and his fin­gers brushed my lips, light as the touch of a fal­ling leaf. He smi­led faint­ly. “But it will­na be today.”

Claire and Jamie Fraser

All rights for the Pic­ture of Jamie go to the right­ful owner Starz
Excer­pt and Quo­te by Diana Gabal­don from “The Fiery Cross“
I own not­hing but the editing
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