Jealous men

Jamie in DoA

“I hadna thought ever to be so jealous of a dead man,” he whispered at last. “I shouldna have thought it possible.”“Of a dead man?” My own voice rose slightly, with astonishment, as it finally dawned on me. “Of Frank?”He lay still, half on top of me. His hand touched the bones of my face, hesitant.“Who else? I have been worm-eaten wi’ it, all these days of riding. I see his face in my mind, waking and sleeping. Ye did say he looked like Jack Randall, no?”I gathered him tight against myself, pressing his head down so that his ear was near my mouth. Thank God I hadn’t mentioned the ring to him—but had my face, my traitorous, transparent face, somehow given away that I thought of it?“How?” I whispered to him, squeezing hard. “How could you think of such a thing?”He broke loose, rising on one elbow, his hair falling down over my face in a mass of flaming shadows, the firelight sparking gold and crimson through it.“How could I not?” he demanded. “Ye heard her, Claire; ye ken well what she said to me!”“Brianna?”“She said she would gladly see me in hell, and sell her own soul to have her father back—her real father.” He swallowed; I heard the sound of it, above the murmur of distant voices.“I keep thinking he would not have made such a mistake. He would have trusted her; he would have known that she…I keep thinking that Frank Randall was a better man than I am. She thinks so.” His hand faltered, then settled on my shoulder, squeezing tight. “I thought…perhaps ye felt the same, Sassenach.”

jealous men


From Franks Letter in DoA

Fraser—shall I curse him for stealing my wife, or bless him for giving me my daughter? Though likely this is just the product of jealousy and imagination—I know what the bastard looks like, well enough; I see his face on my daughter, day by day! I can almost feel him, sometimes, looking over my shoulder, standing across the room. Hadn’t thought of this before—do you suppose I’ll meet him in the sweet by-and-by, if there is one? Should we meet as friends, I wonder, with the sins of the flesh behind us? Or end forever locked in some Celtic hell, with our hands wrapped round each other’s throat?Whoever he was, whenever he was, I wanted nothing more in life than to see him—and to kill him.

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  1. Maryanne Baer
    July 20

    beautiful and so well done. Thank you for the wonderful and poignant Jamie and Frank moments. I really miss Outlander but with these kind of reminders why Jamie is “King of Men” and the undying love Jamie holds for Claire, is the reason it will always bring me back to reading my Outlander series again and again. I find all other books rather boring ?so I have started reading Voyager for the fifth time.

    Thanks for the Jamie moment. Sam Heughan Is Jamie Fraser and he fits the role very well. When I read my Outlander series, I see Sam Heughan in my minds eye.??.

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      July 20

      Hi Maryanne Baer,
      thanks for your Visit and this nice comment. Same here with other books 🙂 LG Heike Ginger

  2. Diane Riddell
    July 23

    very well written, I felt so sad and sorry for both Jamie and Frank, Thank you so much

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      July 24

      Hi Diane,

      thanks for your visit and your comment. Yes both love Bree and Claire very much, feel soory for Frank but he was just not Claires Soulmate..LG Heike Ginger

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