Jealous men

Jamie in DoA

I had­na thought ever to be so jea­lous of a dead man,” he whis­pe­red at last. “I should­na have thought it possible.”“Of a dead man?” My own voice rose slight­ly, with asto­nish­ment, as it final­ly daw­ned on me. “Of Frank?”He lay still, half on top of me. His hand touched the bones of my face, hesitant.“Who else? I have been worm-eaten wi’ it, all the­se days of riding. I see his face in my mind, waking and slee­ping. Ye did say he loo­ked like Jack Rand­all, no?”I gathe­red him tight against mys­elf, pres­sing his head down so that his ear was near my mouth. Thank God I hadn’t men­tio­ned the ring to him — but had my face, my trai­to­rous, trans­pa­rent face, somehow given away that I thought of it?“How?” I whis­pe­red to him, squee­zing hard. “How could you think of such a thing?”He bro­ke loo­se, rising on one elbow, his hair fal­ling down over my face in a mass of fla­ming shadows, the fire­light spar­king gold and crim­son through it.“How could I not?” he deman­ded. “Ye heard her, Clai­re; ye ken well what she said to me!”“Brianna?”“She said she would glad­ly see me in hell, and sell her own soul to have her father back — her real father.” He swal­lo­wed; I heard the sound of it, above the mur­mur of distant voices.“I keep thin­king he would not have made such a mista­ke. He would have trusted her; he would have known that she…I keep thin­king that Frank Rand­all was a bet­ter man than I am. She thinks so.” His hand fal­te­red, then sett­led on my shoul­der, squee­zing tight. “I thought…perhaps ye felt the same, Sas­se­nach.”

jealous men

From Franks Letter in DoA

Fra­ser — shall I cur­se him for ste­aling my wife, or bless him for giving me my daugh­ter? Though likely this is just the pro­duct of jea­lou­sy and ima­gi­na­ti­on — I know what the bas­tard looks like, well enough; I see his face on my daugh­ter, day by day! I can almost feel him, some­ti­mes, loo­king over my shoul­der, stan­ding across the room. Hadn’t thought of this befo­re — do you sup­po­se I’ll meet him in the sweet by-and-by, if the­re is one? Should we meet as fri­ends, I won­der, with the sins of the flesh behind us? Or end fore­ver locked in some Cel­tic hell, with our hands wrap­ped round each other’s throat?Whoever he was, whene­ver he was, I wan­ted not­hing more in life than to see him — and to kill him.

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Excer­pts and Quo­te by Diana Gabal­don from “Drums of Autumn“
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  1. Maryanne Baer
    July 20

    beau­ti­ful and so well done. Thank you for the won­der­ful and poi­gnant Jamie and Frank moments. I real­ly miss Out­lan­der but with the­se kind of remin­ders why Jamie is “King of Men” and the undy­ing love Jamie holds for Clai­re, is the rea­son it will always bring me back to rea­ding my Out­lan­der series again and again. I find all other books rather boring ?so I have star­ted rea­ding Voya­ger for the fifth time.

    Thanks for the Jamie moment. Sam Heu­g­han Is Jamie Fra­ser and he fits the role very well. When I read my Out­lan­der series, I see Sam Heu­g­han in my minds eye.??.

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      July 20

      Hi Maryan­ne Baer,
      thanks for your Visit and this nice com­ment. Same here with other books 🙂 LG Hei­ke Gin­ger

  2. Diane Riddell
    July 23

    very well writ­ten, I felt so sad and sor­ry for both Jamie and Frank, Thank you so much

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      July 24

      Hi Dia­ne,

      thanks for your visit and your com­ment. Yes both love Bree and Clai­re very much, feel soo­ry for Frank but he was just not Clai­res Soulmate..LG Hei­ke Gin­ger

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