Murtaghs Monday

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  1. Jan Moutz
    March 28

    Per­fect! I think I have told you befo­re, and if I have I am sor­ry. Mur­tagh is descri­bed as a small, dark man. My grand­fa­ther, Joseph Mac Gill ( Ame­ri­ca­ni­zed to Mag­Ill) was 5 foot2 inches tall. He was a Celt with very dark and a dark com­ple­xi­on. I have always loved this dark, moo­dy man. I love his sto­ry about Ellen and the brace­lets. I love when when he took the head of the Duke of San­ding­ham! He is my bloo­dy Scot!

    Thanks for all the beau­ti­ful edits of Mur­tagh Fitz­gib­bons Fra­ser!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      April 2

      so glad i could make you soo happy…smile..LG Hei­ke Gin­ger

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