Once more

This is Part IV of the heart­brea­king Scene from DiA, Part I is Rare Woman, Part II is Cease to exist and Part III is Lon­ger than that
Pictures from Outlander
The whole Scene:

I ran toward the ope­ning in the wall, heart in my throat, as he tur­ned back to the door­way, hand on his sword. I stop­ped, just for a moment, for the last sight of him. He tur­ned his head, caught sight of me, and sud­den­ly he was with me, pushing me hard against the wall in an ago­ny of despe­ra­ti­on. He grip­ped me fier­ce­ly to him. I could feel his erec­tion pres­sing into my sto­mach and the hilt of his dag­ger dug into my side.He spo­ke hoar­se­ly into my hair. “Once more. I must! But quick!” He pushed me against the wall and I scrabbled up my skirts as he rai­sed his kilts. This was not love­ma­king; he took me quick­ly and power­ful­ly and it was over in seconds. The voices were nea­rer; only a hund­red yards away.He kis­sed me once more, hard enough to lea­ve the tas­te of blood in my mouth. “Name him Bri­an,” he said, “for my father.” With a push, he sent me toward the ope­ning.

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Quote and Excerpt by Diana Gabal­don from “Dra­gon­fly in Amber“
I own not­hing but the editing
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  1. Dorianne
    March 7

    I wish this was a book of all the romance, state­ments, phrase’s, memo­ries, of Clai­re n Jamie from every book. This is beau­ti­ful. Talent.

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      March 7

      Hi Dori­an­ne,
      thank you for the com­ment. This would be a gre­at Book- like i said befo­re “The Jamie &Claire Com­pa­n­ion”- i would buy it ! Hei­ke

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