Ringcon Outlander Gathering

Plea­se note English is not my mother tongue, the­re­fo­re this con­tri­bu­ti­on will be a gram­ma­ti­cal­ly cata­stro­phe. But sin­ce I have fri­ends all over the world who want to read this post, I deci­ded to wri­te him any­way in English.


The Opening Ceremony Ringcon 2015

For all Out­lan­der Fans..you see only Dia­na and Gary during the Ring­con Ope­ning Cere­mo­ny on Fri­day becau­se Sam Heu­g­han, Dun­can Lac­roix and Gra­ham McTa­vish arri­ved on Satur­day.

Ringcon 2015 Outlander Panel on Saturday

with Diana Gabaldon, Graham McTacvish, Gary Lewis, Sam Heughan, Duncan Lacroix

On Satur­day Even­in­hg all Out­lan­der Stars arri­ved (even Gra­ham, who­se flight was delay­ed). Marc Fer­gu­son let his guests alo­ne and Gra­ham and Gary mode­ra­ted (sort of) this 2-hour panel. Yes, two hours with my Stars in a room. My hands are shaking so much with exci­te­ment that I could hard­ly hold the came­ra so some Pho­tos are may­be a bit blur­red.

Things i remember

Ques­ti­on of a fan “What was you favo­ri­te Moment of Sea­son during shoo­ting”

  • Dun­can replied some­thing about the hor­ses, becau­se they have always far­ted. Dun­can has even imi­ta­ted the sounds … the audi­ence and the others on sta­ge were laug­hing about his very noi­sy Per­for­mance..
  • Gra­ham said that during the filming of the Wed­ding sce­ne repeated­ly all erup­ted in laugh­ter. Whene­ver Sam begann with “James Alex­an­der …”, Dun­can added new names like “James Mal­colm Ale­an­der Opti­mus Prime Tar­zan King Kong .…”

A Fan gave Sam “the smal­lest flask in the world”. He admi­red this long and has put it then quick­ly in his pocket…

Gary exp­lai­ned that the late broad­cas­ting of Out­lan­der in Scot­tish Tele­vi­si­on for him had poli­ti­cal rea­sons (Inde­pen­dence Refe­ren­dum)

to be con­ti­nued.….….

Too bad that Cait was not the­re!!!!

Sam Heughan Panel at Ringcon 2015

Sam Heu­g­han is such a fun­ny and kind Guy ! One hour to look at him and to hear his voice — I was in hea­ven ! The pho­tos can not reflect this hour, but for all who were not the­re, the­re must be enough-sor­ry 🙂

Things i remember

Sam‘s ent­i­re lug­ga­ge has been lost in Ams­ter­dam.

A fan has bought a t-shirt for Sam. It was writ­ten “Hob­bit-Con” on the shirt. Sam suspec­ted Gra­ham was behind this joke. First, Sam threw the shirt behind him, but of cour­se he picked it up again and quick­ly than­ked the Fan 🙂

Sam descri­bes his favo­ri­te whis­key fla­vor with smo­ky .… … if it tas­tes as if someo­ne had peed in the glass, then it is per­fect ”

Fan ques­ti­on “Can you tell us some­thing memo­r­able /​fun­ny from the set”

  • Sam tells a sto­ry of a lar­ge high­land cow and how Gra­ham was try­ing to get past this:). I did not under­stand ever­y­thing, but Sam‘s imi­ta­ti­on of Gra­ham was just gre­at
  • In addi­ti­on, Gra­ham was appar­ent­ly con­vin­ced he saved Sam‘s live and told this also to anyo­ne. But Sam did not think so.

Sam about Cait ” She is ter­ri­fic ! She is very power­ful”

Sam “The awards that mean some­thing are tho­se who have come by your votes Guys..so thank you very much for your sup­port ”

Sam “Com­ing to Ger­ma­ny is like com­ing home, with Bat­mann I was in Colo­gne on tour.” — I’m from Colo­gne so I was par­ti­cu­lar­ly fond of it

Sam said he real­ly enjoys Germany.and said some­thing about Schnaps.…:)

Sam loves “Star Trek, Star Trek — The Next Gene­ra­ti­on and Batt­le­star Galac­tica and can hard­ly belie­ve his luck to work now with the pro­du­cer Ron Moo­re and Ira Behr

Sam like also pas­sio­na­te Cooking-Shows.His cur­rent favo­ri­te pro­gram is “Bake off”, this is for him like food porn. He admits that his favo­ri­te dish is stew and por­ridge. He says “I am a one-pot cook”

Sam told about Gra­ham McTavish’s “cou­ra­ge”: “Alt­hough Gra­ham say he could ride, he lea­ves it usual­ly to his stunt dou­ble. Except of cour­se in the big macho sce­nes of Dou­gal, if he can be seen sit­ting in clo­se-up on the hor­se with the arm in the side” (big laugh in the room)

Sam about the shoo­ting at the mill: I pro­bab­ly had one hour at a time in the water, but hard­ly have felt the cold . Only when I saw the trem­ble stunt­man in a diving suit (who cared for my safe­ty in the water)all over, I thought: “Wow, he’s real­ly cold so I must be real­ly cold!”
I real­ly enjoy­ed That Day. It was fun! ”

A check of “My cha­ri­ty chal­len­ge” was han­ded over. A tou­ching moment, espe­ci­al­ly becau­se I have sup­por­ted this Pro­ject by Pro­mo­ti­on on my Face­bookside. The Ladies have more than deser­ved the embrace of Sam and I real­ly had goose­bumps.…

to be con­ti­nued.….….

The Shootings

Gary Lewis

Now final­ly my report about the shoo­tings during the Ring­con. Gary was the first on my list. The queue was qui­te long, but it did not take lon­ger than 45 minu­tes and i was actual­ly in a room with Mr.Gary Lewis. I admi­re him for a very long time and so I was very hap­py to meet him at last per­so­nal­ly. Someo­ne took my bag and i had just time to remo­ve my glas­ses and was then almost befo­re him. At Ring­con the Shoo­tings were all a mat­ter of 2 – 4 seconds and I was held on by an employee (as I would flee) who “pushed” me more or less in Garys arms . He wel­co­med every fan with a warmhe­ar­ted embrace and it felt as if we alre­ady knew our­sel­ves for years. Gary has a very firm hand­shake and he did not let go my hand during the Shoo­ting. He still than­ked with his mira­cu­lous accent, I than­ked with stamm­e­red some­thing unde­fin­ab­le (some non­sen­se with English accent) and it was alre­ady over. A pity that the­re was no time for a con­ver­sa­ti­on with Gary Though I am col­li­ded later on this week-end with him in the hall and after a “par­don” of Gary the next oppor­tu­ni­ty was over. Later I saw Gary several times with fans speaking (during Lunch, anbd his wal­ka­round), but I found it impo­li­te­ly to push in bet­ween. I like the pho­to very well and it soon gets a frame and a place of honour.


Sam Heughan

My shoot with Sam has made me almost faint. After a long day, eat not much and a Per­ma­nent-Exci­ted-I am here-Level I wan­ted necessa­ri­ly bring the shoot behind me on Satur­day and not have to wait until Sunday. The queue was extre­me­ly long. Near­ly 700 fans were wai­ting for a shoo­ting. First, as always it was the turn­for the fans with sil­ver and pla­ti­num tickets. Then it went rapidly for­ward. This time I wan­ted to enjoy every second and took a deep bre­ath befo­re I ent­e­red the room of the shoo­ting. But that hel­ped not much. Only 2 fans in front of me-I can see him. Still a fan in front of me-I fall right now. I was firm­ly under con­trol of the employee who should now “push” me in Sams arms. I said to mys­elf, “Poor Sam, so many pho­tos and Women”, but I’ve pro­bab­ly said it out loud. The employee said to me “You see what tough job i have,” and I just wan­ted reply some­thing quick-wit­ted, as I stood next to Sam alre­ady. Gosh he is real­ly tall ! Quick a look at the­se irre­sis­ti­ble Col­lar-Bones, on his face (yes, he looks outra­ge­ous­ly good) and then Sam’s hand was on my waists and my hand on his back. Thanks the World for the inven­ti­on of 24-Hours deodo­rant. Once inha­led, and the pho­to­gra­pher cal­led “ready-Next”. I was a bit lost the­re, brief­ly rever­sed again (just one last look) and Sam cal­led “Thank you” in my direc­tion and I shou­t­ed back, “No, thank YOU,” (but it was pro­bab­ly just in my head a clear­ly for­mu­la­ted sen­tence) .Sam had still the next lady in his arm.I admi­re him for his pro­fes­sio­na­lism. He has on each pho­to ano­t­her faci­al expres­si­on and for me he is now even more the Mas­ter of faci­al expres­si­ons. I not like it The pho­to with Sam very much, becau­se at 2 seconds, the pho­to­gra­pher could not bring forth my best side. Howe­ver, this pho­to gets of cour­se a place of honor.


Sam Heughan Autograph Session on Sunday

Now, final­ly, my sto­ry of mee­ting with Sam:
The queue during the auto­graph ses­si­on on Sunday morning was very long. Howe­ver, This gave me the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make pic­tures of Sam clo­se without my hands were shaking too much. Just befo­re it was my turn I have real­ly stop­ped to bre­a­the, have thought of things I wan­ted to say and ever­y­thing was too late. The assi­stant wro­te down my name and I was so clo­se to Sam .…. He wan­ted just star­ting to wri­te then he has loo­ked at the pic­tu­re of the motor­cy­cle, smi­led and said, “that’s real­ly cool” .. then he wro­te the dedi­ca­ti­on and again loo­ked at my Edit. I said “you can have one”, but he just grin­ned broad­ly and win­ked at me. He did not say any­thing more he ..dont know if he unders­tood me?Then I tur­ned mys­elf three times in a cir­cle and start bre­at­h­ing nor­ma­ly again.. I trem­bled all the time so I could not take a pic­tu­re at clo­se ran­ge..

Ringcon 2015 Outlander Panel on Sunday

with Dia­na Gabal­don, Gra­ham McT­acvish, Gary Lewis, Sam Heu­g­han, Dun­can Lac­roix

Things i remember

The kiss and the embrace of Dia­na and Sam, becau­se the room was sud­den­ly fil­led with fri­endship and respect. Of cour­se, Dia­na hug­ged and kis­sed all the other gen­tle­men, but this hug from Dia­na and Sam was my moment of the wee­kend.

Gary tried to teach the audi­ence a song in Gaelic, ever­yo­ne else on sta­ge sin­ging along

Ano­t­her check was han­ded over. This time of “Mis­si­on Chan­ge”. The amount goes to Blood­wi­se and “Colo­gne Clowns” . The “Colo­gne Clowns” visit child­ren in hos­pi­tals (more here https://​www​.face​book​.com/Mis­sionChan­ge-710200019067624/​) . Sin­ce I’m from Colo­gne I was soo hap­py about the big amount.. Sam was also very hap­py and said, “If you still need clowns, here are some sit­ting on the sta­ge” and point out on Dun­can, Gra­ham and Gary ..

A 10-Year old Fan asked if anyo­ne from the cast could per­sua­de her par­ents so that they allow her to look Out­lan­der ..big smi­le back from the who­le Cast but not real­ly an ans­wer .…that was cute..

Tulach ARD ! Per­fect last Wor­ds at the end of the Panel !

The Closing Ceremony Ringcon 2015

Again just Dia­na and Gary. The other Guys had to lea­ve ear­lier becau­se of shoo­ting Sea­son 2 of Out­lan­der. From the Clo­sing Cere­mo­ny i made only Pho­tos with my Pho­ne .…so sor­ry for the bad qua­li­ty 🙂

Mixed Gallery

Still found some Pho­tos i like but the­re are not in such good Qua­li­ty

Some Videos from the Outlander Panels

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  1. Edeltraud Wollenhaupt
    November 11

    TY Hei­ke for tho­se won­der­full pics.Iwas the­re too but upstairs and couldn’t get a clear pic. So now I have yours. I love the one with laug­hing Dun­can very much♥ and sam is .…♥

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      November 11

      You are wel­co­me Edeltraud…was lucky on Sunday with Line 8 and took as much Pho­tos as pos­si­ble :).. LG Hei­ke

  2. Johanne Abonader
    November 12

    Thank you for sharing all your gre­at pho­tos, next best thing to being the­re.

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      November 12

      Hi Johan­ne,

      you are welcome…i pro­mi­sed to sha­re them all..but i took over 1500 Pho­tos :)..so here just the best.. LG Hei­ke

  3. Rose Swartzfager
    November 12

    Your beau­ti­ful pho­tos gave me a sen­se of being in the room at Ring­Con. I hope you were able to hear all the ban­ter and enjoy yours­elf. I so appre­cia­te your talent and am gra­te­ful that you gift us with it.

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      November 12

      Hi Rose,

      thanks for your visit here first. Yes i was able to do both..photograph and listen..but its all gone for now..there were so many impres­si­ons that I need to pro­cess :). I enjoy­ed mys­elf much and it was so gre­at to meet Sam and Gary..really meet them :)..the Panels were fun­ny and i had such a gre­at Time..Thank you for your nice Com­pli­menmt about my Talent..LG Hei­ke Gin­ger

  4. Diane Riddell
    November 13

    Real­ly loved this Hei­ke, thank you so much, it must have been won­der­ful to be the­re and take all the­se won­der­ful pic­tures THANK YOU

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      November 13

      Hi Dia­ne

      yes it was an ama­zing and emo­tio­nal weekend..glad i mana­ged to take all the Photos..LG Hei­ke Gin­ger

  5. Edeltraud Wollenhaupt
    November 13

    Hei­ke, I’ve just read about your auto­graph time with Sam…you couldn’t say a lot.
    .I could not say one word at the foto-shoo­ting, only ans­we­red him “Hi” (knees get mel­ting), I even didn’t thank him at the end, I’m ver­ry sor­ry for that, but when “Jamie” put his arms around my shoul­der, I was not able to say or do some­thing.
    The pic­tu­re they’ve taken is not very good and I don’t show it, but I will all­ways remem­ber this few minu­tes.
    He is real­ly very kind and won­der­ful-
    I hope, the orks have gone now????

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      November 13

      Hi Edel­traud,

      sor­ry dont have a Pic­tu­re from the Ork..but it seems he vanis­hed now :).
      If i dont talk so much with the Man who ” push the Ladies” during the shoo­ting in Sams Arms i had 1 Second more to say some­thing “important” to him..so it was just “Hi” and “thank you” and a nice view over his Col­lar Bones..before the Pho­to­gra­pher call “ready-next”..so i want to say more at the Auto­graph Session..still not­hing “important but i talk with him..it was gre­at! They are all great..and i will wri­te some more abaout the shoo­tings later…maybe..LG Hei­ke Gin­ger

  6. November 14

    Lie­be Hei­ke, vie­len, vie­len Dank für die vie­len tol­len Fotos, vor allem natür­lich von Sam, und dei­nen Bericht! Scha­de, dass ich nicht sel­ber dabei sein konn­te, aber dank dir und vie­len ande­ren Fans kommt es mir ein biss­chen vor, als wäre ich mit­ten­drin gewe­sen. ♥

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      November 14

      Hi Anne,

      sehr ger­ne ..es feh­len noch ein paar Ein­drü­cke und ich hof­fe sie fal­len mir wie­der ein :)..es war ein wun­der­ba­res, unver­geß­li­ches Wochenende..LG Hei­ke

      • November 15

        Das glau­be ich dir unbe­se­hen. ♥

  7. Kat Mizejewski
    November 30

    My Lie­be Hei­ke!!
    Thank you so very much for sharing your ama­zing memo­ries, pho­tos and expe­ri­en­ces at Ring­con with all of us. I feel as though I were the­re with you!! The won­der­ful details of being at the panels and mee­ting Sam and Gary!! And then see­ing Gra­ham Dia­na and Dun­can are ama­zing. How you were able to take all the­se extra­or­di­na­ry pho­tos and remem­ber so much Of what was said is unbe­liev­a­ble. You are ama­zing Hei­ke. I love the way you wri­te and your sen­se of humor exp­lai­ning ever­y­thing . Thank you again so very much for taking the time to bring us all on your Ring­con jour­ney with you. Lie­be, Kat!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      November 30

      Hi Kat,

      thanks for your comment..i pro­mi­sed you are all with me there..and so it was..my plea­su­re to sha­re this won­der­ful jour­ney with my beloved sas­se­nachs 🙂 LG Hei­ke

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