The shadowside you say I have
Is making everything go bad
You say I don’t care enough
For all the things that I have got

But I do
And I will


I don’t want to see myself descend
Into the shadowside again
If you ever let me go again
In the shadowside I’ll end


The shadowside where I go
I’m never where I’m needed so
You say I don’t give enough
That I don’t care for all I’ve got
But I do
And I will


(Lyrics from Shadowsi­de by A-Ha)

Heike Ginger Ba Written by:

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  1. October 20

    Hal­lo Hei­ke,
    schö­ner Song und tol­le Fotos, vor allem das ers­te !
    LG, Net­ty

  2. October 20

    Net­ty soll das natür­lich heis­sen 😀

  3. October 20

    Huch, jetzt ist der ers­te Kom­men­tar wie­der weg — tol­le Fotos und den Song mag ich auch !
    LG, Net­ty

    • October 20

      Hi Netty.…Irgendwie woll­te das Sys­tem dei­nen ers­ten Kom­men­tar nicht auto­ma­tisch frei­schal­ten :).…vie­len lie­ben Dank für dei­nen Kommentar…der Song ist in mei­ner Dau­er-Play­list-of-Life :). LG Hei­ke

  4. Keala Ho'ano
    March 5

    Watching You Shi­ne

    Thank you Dar­lin for the smi­les and laugh­ter
    For every lust­ful thought that ent­e­red my mind
    I don’t deser­ve to even stand in your shadow
    Me with a head full of music, magic and rhy­me
    He had good rea­son for making you
    Spe­cial, so smart, so beau­ti­ful and so kind
    I live my life in a mys­ti­cal way
    Your path in life will never touch mine
    Kno­wing I could never be worthy of it
    I trea­su­red the gift of your time
    Never been any ques­ti­on or doubt
    The­re are more moun­ta­ins for you to climb
    I will be the­re in the distan­ce
    I will always be watching you shi­ne
    My pray­ers are with you today and fore­ver
    Pray­ing your gui­d­ance will be Divi­ne

    Dedi­ca­ted to Sam Heu­g­han
    1 – 17-18
    Kea­la Ho’ano

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