Thank God

The who­le Sce­ne

The cot­ta­ge had fil­led up with twen­ty or thir­ty men by mid­af­ter­noon, and my two-woman staff was hop­ping. The hou­se nor­mal­ly held a fami­ly of five or six, and the men able to stand were stan­ding on the plaids of tho­se lying down. In the distan­ce across the small flat, I could see offi­cers com­ing and going to the man­se, the minister’s resi­dence com­man­de­ered by the High Com­mand. I kept an eye on the bat­te­red door, which hung con­stant­ly ajar, but didn’t see Jamie among tho­se arri­ving to report casu­al­ties and recei­ve congratulations.I bat­ted away the recur­rent small gnat of worry, tel­ling mys­elf that I didn’t see him among the woun­ded, eit­her. I had not had time sin­ce ear­ly on to visit the small tent up the slo­pe, whe­re the dead of the batt­le were being laid out in order­ly rows, as though awai­ting a last inspec­tion. But surely he could not be there.Surely not, I told myself.The door swung open and Jamie wal­ked in.I felt my knees give slight­ly at sight of him, and put out a hand to ste­ady mys­elf on the cottage’s woo­den chim­ney. He had been loo­king for me; his eyes dar­ted around the room befo­re they light­ed on me, and a heart-stop­ping smi­le lit his face.He was fil­thy, gri­med with black-powder smo­ke, splat­te­red with blood, and bare­foot, legs and feet caked with mud. But he was who­le, and stan­ding. I wasn’t incli­ned to quib­b­le with the details.Cries of gree­ting from some of the woun­ded men on the floor drag­ged his gaze away from me. He glanced down, smi­led at Geor­ge McClu­re, grin­ning up at his com­man­der despi­te an ear that hung from his head by a sli­ver of flesh, then loo­ked quick­ly back at me.Thank God, his dark-blue eyes said, and Thank God, my own echoed back.There was no time for more; woun­ded men were still com­ing in, and every able-bodi­ed non­mi­li­ta­ry per­son in the vil­la­ge had been pres­sed into ser­vice to care for them. Archie Came­ron, Lochiel’s doc­tor bro­ther, bust­led back and forth among the cot­ta­ges, nomi­nal­ly in char­ge, and actual­ly doing some good here and the­re.

thank God

All rights for the Pic­ture go to the right­ful owner Starz
Quo­te and Excerpt by Diana Gabaldon from “DiA”
I own not­hing but the editing
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  1. July 2

    I for­got that sce­ne until I saw it on Starz. Real­ly beau­ti­ful and they cap­tu­red it well. Thanks for sharing!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      July 2

      Hi Nor­ma…

      they did it so well…one of my favo­ri­te sce­nes from S2 now… LG Hei­ke

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