White Dove

The Prayer of Jamie from Episode 11

The Ori­gi­nal Pray­er:

DHE, teas­ru­ig an tigh, an tei­ne, ’s an tan,
Gach aon ta gab­hail tamh an seo an nochd.
Teas­ru­ig mi fein ’s mo chroi­le­an graidh,
Is gleidh sinn bho lamh ’s bho lochd;
Gleidh sinn bho namh an nochd,
Air sgath Mhic Mhui­re Mhat­har
’S an ait-s ’s gach ait a bheil an tamh an nochd,
Air an oidhche nochd ’s gach aon oidhche,
An oidhche nochd ’s gach aon oidhche.


GOD shield the hou­se, the fire, the kine,
Every one who dwells her­ein to-night.
Shield mys­elf and my beloved group,
Pre­ser­ve us from vio­lence and from harm;
Pre­ser­ve us from foes this night,
For the sake of the Son of the Mary Mother,
In this place, and in every place wher­ein they dwell to-night,
On this night and on every night,
This night and every night.

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Source of the Ori­gi­nal Pray­er here

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