You are gone
And I am left behind
To wend my way thru this life
With­out your foot­steps
Beside me
With­out the voice
That calmed my fears
And gave me cause
To be brave
I stood tall because of you
Be at peace
Ye fear­less lion
I car­ry you with me
For you lay at rest
With­in my heart

Poem by Cyn Luckey


The old coot

The God­fa­ther

The High­lander

The War­rior

He’s a High­lander and belongs on a Scot­tish moor, not in a Parisian brothel.

kept my word.

Claire trusts no one more than Murtagh when it comes to Jamie’s welfare

Pictures from Outlander

He is an hon­or­able man and total­ly loy­al to his god­son Jamie.

a grumpy Highlander

A Thief of Hearts

Still Waters run deep

right-hand-man to Jamie Fraser

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  1. Moutz Jan
    April 18, 2022

    Love it! I think I have most of these pinned!

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