“There is a girl. She knows that love is expensive and always worth the price. She knows home is not where she lives, but something held inside and sometime only found by leaving. She is wise and wary of the flames, but still she knows she will survive the fire.  Life scorches sometimes, but she has been a Phoenix before. Every time she burns to ashes, she knows exactly how to rise again.” 
Jeannette LeBlanc poem, “Girl On Fire”


Heike Ginger Ba Written by:

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  1. Taimi Pimentola-Heikkinen
    March 13, 2016

    Fab­u­lous­ly ‘trans­lat­ed’!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      March 18, 2016

      Hi Tai­mi

      thank you very much..its a bit per­son­al so afriend send this poem and the image was in my mind at once :)..glad you like it..

      LG Heike Ginger

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