Both still lived

The whole Scene (after Laoghaire shot at Jamie)

Jamie had had neit­her warning nor choice about my reap­pearan­ce in his life; no time to make deci­si­ons or resol­ve con­flicts. And he was not one to aban­don his respon­si­bi­li­ties, even for the sake of love.
Yes, he’d lied to me. Hadn’t trusted me to reco­gni­ze his respon­si­bi­li­ties, to stand by him — or to lea­ve him — as his cir­cum­s­tan­ces deman­ded. He’d been afraid. So had I; afraid that he wouldn’t choo­se me, con­fron­ted with the strugg­le bet­ween a twen­ty-year-old love and a pre­sent-day fami­ly. So I’d run away.“Who you jiving, L.J.?” I heard Joe Abernathy’s voice say, deri­si­ve and affec­tio­na­te. I had fled toward Craigh na Dun with all the speed and deci­si­on of a con­dem­ned fel­on approa­ching the steps of the gal­lows. Not­hing had slo­wed my jour­ney but the hope that Jamie would come after me.True, the pangs of con­sci­ence and woun­ded pri­de had spur­red me on, but the one moment when Young Ian had said, “He’s dying,” had shown tho­se up for the flim­sy things they were.

My mar­ria­ge to Jamie had been for me like the tur­ning of a gre­at key, each small turn set­ting in play the intri­ca­te fall of tumb­lers wit­hin me. Bree had been able to turn that key as well, edging clo­ser to the unlocking of the door of mys­elf. But the final turn of the lock was fro­zen — until I had wal­ked into the print­shop in Edin­burgh, and the mecha­nism had sprung free with a final, decisi­ve click. The door now was ajar, the light of an unknown future shi­ning through its crack. But it would take more strength than I had alo­ne to push it open.
I wat­ched the rise and fall of his bre­ath, and the play of light and shadow on the strong, clean lines of his face, and knew that not­hing tru­ly mat­te­red bet­ween us but the fact that we both still lived. So here I was. Again. And wha­te­ver the cost of it might be to him or me, here I stay­ed.

Picture from Outlander
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Excerpt and Quote by Diana Gabal­don from “Voya­ger“
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