Organic Egg dying

My Friend Melina send me some wonderful artsy easter eggs this year and i was so impressed that i asked her to send me ” How-To-Do-Guide”:

The ornaments are parsly and carrot leaves. Place them on raw eggs, wrap each egg in a gauze and boil in salted water with onion peels, add a drop or two of vinegar. For more intense color, leave the eggs in the water untill cooled, remove the wraps. To make them shiny, rub each egg with some oil or bacon. Easy-peasy, but takes time


If you want to paint the egg in yellow, you can cook eggs with lemon or orange peel, or in chamomille tea. For the orange-colored egg shell onions cook them with carrots, some chilli powder or ground red pepper. For pink, eggs, you can cook with the beet root. cranberry juice or grape juice. For the blue painted eggs cook leaves of red cabbage with eggs . If you want to paint eggs green, simply cook with leaves of fresh spinach. For brown colored eggs, add a strong Turkish or instant coffee, shell walnut or black tea together with eggs. For the red colored eggs cook purple onions peels with a spoonfull of vinager. …. You can use my photos posted on twitter, or just browse here, a very nice pics, step by step

here a little Video…its really easy..

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