Claire and Jenny — Each other’s measure

Claire and Jenny Fraser
The whole Scene :

While the men went about their busi­ness, Jen­ny and I spent the day in the par­lor, she stit­ching, I win­ding up stray bits of yarn and sorting the colo­red silks.
Out­ward­ly fri­end­ly, we cir­cled each other cau­tious­ly in con­ver­sa­ti­on, watching each other from the cor­ners of our eyes. Jamie’s sis­ter, Jamie’s wife; Jamie was the cen­tral point, uns­po­ken, about which our thoughts revol­ved.
Their sha­red child­hood lin­ked them fore­ver, like the warp and the weft of a sin­gle fabric, but the pat­terns of their wea­ve had been loo­sened, by absence and sus­pi­ci­on, then by mar­ria­ge. Ian’s thread had been pre­sent in their wea­ving sin­ce the begin­ning, mine was a new one. How would the ten­si­ons pull in this new pat­tern, one thread against ano­t­her?
Our con­ver­sa­ti­on ran on casu­al lines, but with the wor­ds uns­po­ken clear­ly heard bene­ath.
“You’ve run the hou­se here alo­ne sin­ce your mother died?”
“Oh, aye. Sin­ce I was ten.”I had the nur­tu­ring and the loving of him as a boy. What will you do with the man I hel­ped make?
“Jamie says as you’re a rare fine hea­ler.”
“I men­ded his shoul­der for him when we first met.”Yes, I am capa­ble, and kind. I will care for him.
“I hear ye mar­ried very quickly.”Did you wed my bro­ther for his land and money?
“Yes, it was quick. I didn’t even know Jamie’s true sur­na­me until just befo­re the ceremony.”I didn’t know he was laird of this place; I can only have mar­ried him for him­s­elf.
And so it went through the morning, a light lun­che­on, and into the hours of the after­noon, as we exch­an­ged small talk, tid­bits of infor­ma­ti­on, opi­ni­ons, small and hesi­tant jokes, taking each other’s measure.A woman who had run a lar­ge hou­se­hold sin­ce the age of ten, who had mana­ged the esta­te sin­ce her father’s death and her brother’s disap­pearan­ce, was not a per­son to be light­ly estee­med. I did won­der what she thought of me, but she see­med as capa­ble as her bro­ther of hiding her thoughts when she cho­se to.

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Excer­pts and Quo­tes by Diana Gabal­don from “Out­lan­der“
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