James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

Pictures from Outlander

Born: 1st May 1721 (in some Books 1720, but the Time­li­ne on Dia­na Gabal­don Home­page wri­tes 1721 as his Birth year). A Note from Herself on the Page Ladys of Lal­ly­broch “A note from Dia­na Gabal­don about Jamie’s year of birth: He was born on May 1, 1721. So wha­te­ver age that makes him whenever…that’s what he is. (Any per­cei­ved devi­an­ces may safe­ly be attri­bu­t­ed to copy-editing errors. <g>”
Par­ents: Bri­an Fra­ser and Ellen MacKen­zie
Sib­lings: Wil­liam and Janet Ellen (Jen­ny)
Wives: Clai­re Beauch­amp, Lao­g­hai­re MacKen­zie
Bio­lo­gi­cal Child­ren: Faith and Bri­an­na Fra­ser, and Wil­liam Ran­som (not with Clai­re)
Fos­ter child: Fer­gus Fra­ser
Step child­ren: Mar­sa­li and Joan McKim­mie
Occupa­ti­on: many, inclu­ding Laird of Broch Tua­rach, mer­cen­a­ry, out­law, groom, smugg­ler, prin­ter, sol­dier, trai­tor, far­mer
Phy­si­cal Cha­rac­te­ris­tics: 

He has the ele­gan­ce of an athlete’s and the phy­si­que of a war­ri­or; He weighs 15 Stones (210 Ibs) and is 6’4″ tall. He has long grace­ful bones and flat mus­cles that flowed smooth­ly from the cur­ves of chest and shoul­der to the slight con­ca­vi­ties of bel­ly and thigh. The bones are solid and ele­gant shaped shoul­ders broad and strai­ght. The shoul­ders flat and squa­re-set and the back­bone a smooth, strai­ght groo­ve cut deep bet­ween the roun­ded columns of mus­cle that rose on eit­her side of it. He has long legs, hard, slim thighs, sha­pe­ly cal­ves and feet rather lar­ge, but they are lean and bony and thus appe­ar ele­gant.

Pictures from Outlander

His eyes are open and strai­ght out. He has a dis­tinc­tive, fri­end­ly face bright with a big mouth and eyes like sap­phi­res. The eyes radia­te deep lying in dark blue and they are slan­ted, like a cats (always men­tio­ned as Fra­zer eyes) The eyelas­hes are long and thick, but stran­ge­ly colo­red: at the tips of dark maroon, and at the roots very bright, almost straw-blond. He has rough, thick and red­dish eye­brows.

Jamie has wide cheek­bones and an edgy, ener­ge­tic chin. The nose long, strai­ght and sharp cut their teeth even and white.The skin is bright with gol­den glow and healt­hy color. The hair chan­ge depen­ding on the sea­son, but are main­ly cop­per red. In the morning sun shi­ne gol­den red hair and wet they look like old bron­ze. He has very thick hair.

The whis­kers are cop­per and rust, but very soft, even though they feel at the same time brist­ly.

Jamies Hair

He has cin­na­mon-colo­red arm­pit hair and soft hairs on the back­bone, which mer­ge into a red-gold fuzz on but­tocks and thighs in order to even­tual­ly con­den­se into a bush of auburn curls.

Jamie has mus­cu­lar forearms. His hands are big with rich, red­dish hai­ry fin­gers.

It must have been qui­te a beau­ti­ful back at one time. His skin was fair and fresh, and the lines of bone and mus­cle were still solid and grace­ful.

Jamies Back

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Descriptions by Diana Gabal­don from all Books
I own not­hing but the editing
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  1. Norma D
    April 7

    Just like Sam!

  2. Deborah
    May 7

    You did not men­ti­on that his eyes are slan­ted, like a cats, Fra­zer eyes!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      May 8

      Hio Debo­rah,
      thats right..fix this later..thank you for your com­ment and I hope you like the post any­way, even if I have for­got­ten to men­ti­on the eyes. LG Hei­ke

  3. Jeanne McInerny
    June 28

    It sounds like Sam was stan­ding befo­re Dia­na when she wro­te the descrip­ti­on of Jamie.….He is a per­fect Jamie

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      June 28

      Hi Jean­ne,

      yes Sam is the per­fect Jamie..never thought they find him..but they did..Thanks for the com­ment and the visit on my litt­le Blog! LG Hei­ke

  4. Jana Torge
    April 14

    Oh mein Gott! Er ist wirk­lich der fleisch­ge­wor­de­ne JAMIE! ich hät­te nie gedacht, dass sie einen Schau­spie­ler fin­den, der Mrs. Gabal­dons Beschrei­bung auch nur annä­hernd nahe käme … und dann kam Sam Heu­g­han! Mein Gott!! Es war schon fast unheim­lich ihn zu sehen! Ich hof­fe von gan­zem Her­zen, die Bücher wer­den kom­plett mit ihm wei­ter ver­filmt!!! Tau­send Dank Mr Heu­g­han, dass sie sich für die Rol­le cas­ten lie­ßen! Viel Glück und viel Spaß für die fol­gen­den Sea­sons! ich freu mich sehr drauf!!!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      April 17

      Hi Jana,

      ich glau­be wir haben das alle nicht erwar­tet udn doch haben Sie den per­fek­ten Jamie gefunden…ich könn­te Sam stun­den­lang zuse­hen.…

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