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The who­le Sce­ne:

Jamie,” I said very soft­ly. Sun­light flas­hed on the metal of my sil­ver wed­ding ring. He took hold of it bet­ween thumb and fore­fin­ger, and slid the litt­le metal cir­clet gent­ly up and down my fin­ger, so loo­se that it didn’t even catch on the bony knuck­le.
“Be care­ful,” I said. “I don’t want to lose it.”
“Ye won’t.” He fold­ed my fin­gers clo­sed, his own hand clo­sing lar­ge and warm around mine.
He sat silent for a time, and we wat­ched the bar of sun creep slow­ly across the coun­ter­pa­ne. Adso had moved with it, to stay in its warmth, and the light tip­ped his fur with a soft sil­ver glow, the fine hairs that edged his ears tiny and dis­tinct.
“It’s a gre­at com­fort,” he said at last, “to see the sun come up and go down. When I dwelt in the cave, when I was in pri­son, it gave me hope, to see the light come and go, and know that the world went about its business.”He was loo­king out the win­dow, toward the blue distan­ce whe­re the sky dar­ken­ed toward infi­ni­ty. His throat moved a litt­le as he swal­lo­wed.
“It gives me the same fee­ling, Sas­se­nach,” he said, “to hear ye rust­ling about in your sur­ge­ry, ratt­ling things and swea­rin’ to yours­elf.” He tur­ned his head, then, to look at me, and his eyes held the dep­ths of the com­ing night.
“If ye were no lon­ger the­re — or some­whe­re — ” he said very soft­ly, “then the sun would no lon­ger come up or go down.” He lifted my hand and kis­sed it, very gent­ly. He laid it, clo­sed around my ring, upon my chest, rose, and left.

Jamie Fraser

All rights for the Pic­ture of Jamie go to the right­ful owner Starz
Excer­pts and Quo­te by Diana Gabal­don from “A Breath of Snow and Ashes“
I own not­hing but the editing
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  1. July 5

    As always, tou­ching and lovely! Ano­t­her fav of mi e from the books! Thank you!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      July 5

      Hi Nor­ma,

      you are wel­co­me, its one of my favs too..Thank you again for your visit 🙂 LG Hei­ke

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