Smell of her

the whole scene:

Absently, he reached over the kettle and swished the blade of his dirk to and fro in the scalding liquid, then pulled it out and wiped it clean.
“Whyever did ye do that, Jamie?” He turned to find Jenny staring at him. The black curls were coming undone from their ribbon, and it gave him a pang to see the glimmer of a single white hair among the ebony.
“Oh,” he said, too obviously offhand as he picked up one carcass, “Claire—she told me ye ought to wash off a blade in boiling water before ye touched food with it.”
He felt rather than saw Jenny’s eyebrows rise. She had asked him about Claire only once, when he had come home from Culloden, half-conscious and mostly dead with fever.
“She is gone,” he had said, and turned his face away. “Dinna speak her name to me again.” Loyal as always, Jenny had not, and neither had he. He could not have said what made him say it today; unless perhaps it was the dreams.
He had them often, in varying forms, and it always unsettled him the day after, as though for a moment Claire had really been near enough to touch, and then had drawn away again. He could swear that sometimes he woke with the smell of her on him, musky and rich, pricked with the sharp, fresh scents of leaves and green herbs. He had spilled his seed in his sleep more than once while dreaming, an occurrence that left him faintly shamed and uneasy in mind.


All rights for the Pic­ture go to the right­ful owner Starz
Quo­te and Excerpt by Diana Gabaldon from “Voyager”
I own not­hing but the editing
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  1. Jan Moutz
    March 19

    Very lovely as always!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      March 20

      Hi Jan,

      thank you so very much…

      LG Heike Ginger

  2. March 20

    It always makes me sad how lonely Jamie was……

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      March 27

      Hi Norma,

      you are right.. the love of his life was gone..he suffer so much.. LG Heike

  3. James Bond
    June 26

    He is like a lot of men whom lost their true love and are now alone cause no one will ever replace them.

  4. Mc
    December 28

    So sad. He suffered so.

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