Smell of her

the whole scene:

Absent­ly, he reached over the kett­le and swis­hed the bla­de of his dirk to and fro in the scal­ding liquid, then pul­led it out and wiped it clean.
“Whye­ver did ye do that, Jamie?” He tur­ned to find Jen­ny sta­ring at him. The black curls were com­ing undo­ne from their rib­bon, and it gave him a pang to see the glim­mer of a sin­gle white hair among the ebo­ny.
“Oh,” he said, too obvious­ly off­hand as he picked up one car­cass, “Clai­re — she told me ye ought to wash off a bla­de in boi­ling water befo­re ye touched food with it.”
He felt rather than saw Jenny’s eye­brows rise. She had asked him about Clai­re only once, when he had come home from Cullo­den, half-con­scious and most­ly dead with fever.
“She is gone,” he had said, and tur­ned his face away. “Din­na speak her name to me again.” Loy­al as always, Jen­ny had not, and neit­her had he. He could not have said what made him say it today; unless perhaps it was the dreams.
He had them often, in vary­ing forms, and it always unsett­led him the day after, as though for a moment Clai­re had real­ly been near enough to touch, and then had drawn away again. He could swe­ar that some­ti­mes he woke with the smell of her on him, mus­ky and rich, pri­cked with the sharp, fresh scents of lea­ves and green herbs. He had spil­led his seed in his sleep more than once while drea­ming, an occur­rence that left him faint­ly shamed and unea­sy in mind.


All rights for the Pic­ture go to the right­ful owner Starz
Quo­te and Excerpt by Diana Gabaldon from “Voyager”
I own not­hing but the editing
Heike Ginger Ba Written by:

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  1. Jan Moutz
    March 19

    Very lovely as always!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      March 20

      Hi Jan,

      thank you so very much…

      LG Hei­ke Gin­ger

  2. March 20

    It always makes me sad how lonely Jamie was.…..

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      March 27

      Hi Nor­ma,

      you are right.. the love of his life was gone..he suf­fer so much.. LG Hei­ke

  3. James Bond
    June 26

    He is like a lot of men whom lost their true love and are now alo­ne cau­se no one will ever replace them.

  4. Mc
    December 28

    So sad. He suf­fe­red so.

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