Words of Diana Gabaldon

Mei­ne Lieb­lings­zi­ta­te von Dia­na Gabal­don bedeu­ten mir sehr viel. Sie haben mich durch schwe­re Zei­ten gebarcht. Sie haben mich zum lachen und zum wei­nen gebracht. Sie haben mir Mut gege­ben und an man­chen Tagen Licht in die Dun­kel­heit gebracht. Dia­na Gabal­don hat heu­te Geburts­tag und so möch­te ich Ihr die­sen Post wid­men.

My favo­ri­te quo­tes from Dia­na Gabal­don mean a lot to me. They took me through tough times. They have made me laugh and cry. They gave me cou­ra­ge and put on some days light in the darkness. It isDia­na Gabal­don Bir­th­day today so I would like to dedi­ca­te your this post.

Some words explain what your own words can not

Quotes of Diana Gabaldon

Some words give goosebumps

Quotes of Diana Gabaldon

Some words make you think

Quotes of Diana Gabaldon

Some words go straight to the heart


Some words can comfort

Quotes of Dianan Gabaldon

Some words evoke memories

Quotes of Diana Gabaldon

Some words melt you

I love you

Some Words are simple the Truth

Quote from Diana Gabaldon

Some words touch you

Quotes of Diana Gabaldon

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