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The Flu or “I will live another day”




Chest is heavy
Feel light headed
Hard to breathe
the poi­son is tak­ing over me
Veins pulsing
It’s get­ting closer
Eyes can’t see dark­ness comes
A glimpse of my life flash­ing before me
Feels so cold
Jolt awake I am still here
This sick­ness has not won
Run­ny nose
Fever broke
I will live anoth­er day I have hope

(by Lizzy­whothe­funkC)

schnee auf Gras

Go Away Flu

Get out­ta my face
My chest My throat
I’ve had enough
Feel­ing sor­ry for myself
I want a deep breathe
A cough free night
I want to go to work
Not used to this crap
I’ll ride it out
No choice about that
I have to be tough
This is real­ly rough
I’ll pray to the Gods
You’ll leave me alone
Bring back normal
Dumb zom­bie zone …

(by Joann Rolleston)

Spiegelung in Pfütze

The Flu

I’m wheez­ing, sneez­ing and snif­fling too.
Oh, not again, it must be the flu.

Bun­dle me up and to the doc­tor I go
A good look at me and he will sure­ly know

My tem­per­a­ture is up; my face is all red.
Well, yes it seems to be the flu, he said.

Drink lots of flu­ids and dine on this brew.
The med­i­cine will help you get rid of that flu.

Under the cov­ers heaped high on the bed,
I feel so sick, oh how I dread

The aches and the pains of my body and head.
Yes, it’s the flu oth­ers even have said.

Each day goes by with a lit­tle less ache
Until I’m all bet­ter and for my nurse’s sake

Up and around again I’m hap­py to be.
About with the flu is now a memory.

(City Poems by B.H. Fraser)

Blume im Schnee

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