Breeks and Kilts

The whole Scene:

“I dare­say.” He edged into the room and cir­cled me at a cau­tious dis­tance, eye­ing my nether limbs with inter­est. “And what are those?”“Like them?” I put my hands on my hips, mod­el­ing the draw­string leather trousers that Phae­dre had con­struct­ed for me—laughing hys­ter­i­cal­ly as she did so—from soft buck­skin pro­vid­ed by one of Myers’s friends in Cross Creek.“No,” he said blunt­ly. “Ye can­na be going about in—in—” He waved at them, speechless.“Trousers,” I said. “And of course I can. I wore trousers all the time, back in Boston. They’re very practical.”He looked at me in silence for a moment. Then, very slow­ly, he walked around me. At last, his voice came from behind me.“Ye wore them out­side?” he said, in tones of increduli­ty. “Where folk could see ye?”“I did,” I said cross­ly. “So did most oth­er women. Why not?”
“Why not?” he said, scan­dal­ized. “I can see the whole shape of your but­tocks, for God’s sake, and the cleft between!”


Image from a tal­ent­ed Lady @swietjesO

“I can see yours, too,” I point­ed out, turn­ing around to face him. “I’ve been look­ing at your back­side in breeks every day for months, but only occa­sion­al­ly does the sight move me to make inde­cent advances on your person.”His mouth twitched, unde­cid­ed whether to laugh or not. Tak­ing advan­tage of the inde­ci­sion, I took a step for­ward and put my arms around his waist, firm­ly cup­ping his backside.“Actually, it’s your kilt that makes me want to fling you to the floor and com­mit rav­ish­ment,” I told him. “But you don’t look at all bad in your breeks.”He did laugh then, and bend­ing, kissed me thor­ough­ly, his hands care­ful­ly explor­ing the out­lines of my rear, snug­ly con­fined in buck­skin. He squeezed gen­tly, mak­ing me squirm against him.
“Take them off,” he said, paus­ing for air.“But I—”
“Take them off,” he repeat­ed firm­ly. He stepped back and tugged loose the lac­ing of his flies. “Ye can put them back on again after, Sasse­nach, but if there’s fling­ing and rav­ish­ing to be done, it’ll be me that does it, aye?”

Jamie and Claire Fraser
All rights for the Pic­tures of Jamie and Claire go to the right­ful owner Starz
Excer­pt and Quo­te by Diana Gabal­don from “DoA“
I own not­hing but the editing
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  1. Tammy Bursoni
    September 19, 2015

    Love it Heike! Beautiful

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      September 19, 2015

      Thank you so very much Tammy…i know i used the Jamie Pic already..but he not often wears pants in you love it–LG Heike Ginger

  2. Jan Moutz
    September 20, 2015

    Thank you for your post, Heike. Enjoy­able as always!
    I have been Twit­ter each day. I ” tru­ly” loved the meme where Jamie is look­ing for Heike! So fun­ny! Did you make it or a friend?

    I have RA and don’t get out much, but I do look for­ward to your posts everyday!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      September 20, 2015

      Hi Jan..

      the meme was made by a friend..laughed so much about it.. what is RA ? Glad you enjoy my Posts so much..then i do some­thing right :)..LG Heike Ginger

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