Ghosts of Culloden

The whole Moment
Jack Rand­all stood still. His sword was in his hand, but he made no effort to rai­se it. Only stood the­re, that odd smi­le on his lips, dark eyes bur­ning in Jamie’s own.
If he had been able to break that gaze… but he couldn’t, and so caught the blur of move­ment behind Rand­all. Mur­tagh, run­ning, boun­ding tus­socks like a sheep. And the glint of his godfather’s bla­de — had he seen that, or only ima­gi­ned it? No mat­ter; he’d known without doubt from the cock of Murtagh’s arm, and seen befo­re it hap­pen­ed the mur­de­rous strike come upward toward the Captain’s red-clad back.
But Rand­all spun, war­ned may­be by some chan­ge in his eyes, the sob of Murtagh’s bre­ath or only by a soldier’s instinct. Too late to avo­id the thrust, but soon enough that the dirk mis­sed its fatal aim into the kid­ney. Rand­all had grun­ted with the blow — Christ, he could hear it — and jer­ked asi­de stag­ge­ring, but tur­ning as he fell, gras­ping Murtagh’s wrist, drag­ging him down in a show­er of spray from the wet gor­se they fell through.
They had rol­led away into a hol­low, locked toge­ther, struggling, and he had flung him­s­elf through the clinging plants in pur­su­it, some wea­pon — what, what had he held? — in his fist.
But the feel of it faded against his skin; he felt the weight of the thing in his hand, but the­re was no shape of hilt or trig­ger to remind him, and it was gone again.
Lea­ving him with that one image: Mur­tagh. Mur­tagh, teeth clen­ched and bared as he struck. Mur­tagh, run­ning, com­ing to save him.


All rights for the Pic­ture go to the right­ful owner Starz
Quo­te and Excerpt by Dia­na Gabal­don from “A Bre­ath of Snow and Ashes”
I own not­hing but the editing

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  1. February 21

    As always, a heart-ren­ding pie­ce of the Out­lan­der saga. What a joy­ous­ly sad life, Jamie had. Thank you for brin­ging the­se snip­pets to remind us why we love this sto­ry so much!

    • Heike Ginger Ba
      February 21

      Hi Nor­ma,

      yes it was a sad life but also full of love for Clai­re and the bairns„,glad you like it again ..LG Hei­ke

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