The Search

Pictures from Outlander

The Whole Scene:
Sure enough, a broad track of crushed brown fern led up the side of the hill and disappeared into a thick clump of heather. Circling around this point turned up no further evidence, nor did calling produce any answer.
“He’ll be gone,” Jenny said, sitting down on a log and fanning herself. I thought she looked pale, and realized that kidnapping and threatening armed men was no pursuit for a woman who had given birth less than a week before.
“Jenny,” I said, “you have to go back. Besides, he might go back to Lallybroch.”
She shook her head. “No, that he wouldna. Whatever MacDonald told us, they’re no likely to give up so easy, not with a reward at hand. If they havena hunted him down yet, it’s because they couldn’t. But they’ll have sent someone back to keep an eye on the farm, just in case. No, that’s the one place he wouldna go.” She pulled at the neck of her gown. The day was cold, but she was sweating slightly, and I could see growing dark stains on the bosom of her dress, from leaking milk.
She saw me looking and nodded. “Aye, I’ll have to go back soon. Mrs. Crook’s nursing the lassie wi’ goat’s milk and sugar water, but she canna do without me much longer, nor me without her. I hate to leave ye alone, though.”
I didn’t much care for the thought of having to hunt alone through the Scottish Highlands for a man who might be anywhere, either, but I put a bold face on it.
“I’ll manage,” I said. “It could be worse. At least he’s alive.”
“True.” She glanced at the sun, low over the horizon. “I’ll stay wi’ ye through the night, at least.”

Some Time later….



Not in the Book but a wonderful Moment in the Show

Pictures from Outlander


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Excer­pts and Quo­tes by Diana Gabal­don from “Out­lan­der“
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