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Pictures from Outlander

The Who­le Sce­ne:
Sure enough, a broad track of crus­hed brown fern led up the side of the hill and disap­peared into a thick clump of hea­ther. Cir­cling around this point tur­ned up no fur­t­her evi­dence, nor did cal­ling pro­du­ce any ans­wer.
“He’ll be gone,” Jen­ny said, sit­ting down on a log and fan­ning herself. I thought she loo­ked pale, and rea­li­zed that kid­nap­ping and threa­ten­ing armed men was no pur­su­it for a woman who had given birth less than a week befo­re.
“Jen­ny,” I said, “you have to go back. Bes­i­des, he might go back to Lal­ly­broch.”
She shook her head. “No, that he would­na. Wha­te­ver Mac­Do­nald told us, they’re no likely to give up so easy, not with a reward at hand. If they have­na hun­ted him down yet, it’s becau­se they couldn’t. But they’ll have sent someo­ne back to keep an eye on the farm, just in case. No, that’s the one place he would­na go.” She pul­led at the neck of her gown. The day was cold, but she was swea­ting slight­ly, and I could see gro­wing dark sta­ins on the bosom of her dress, from lea­king milk.
She saw me loo­king and nod­ded. “Aye, I’ll have to go back soon. Mrs. Crook’s nur­sing the las­sie wi’ goat’s milk and sugar water, but she can­na do without me much lon­ger, nor me without her. I hate to lea­ve ye alo­ne, though.”
I didn’t much care for the thought of having to hunt alo­ne through the Scot­tish High­lands for a man who might be any­whe­re, eit­her, but I put a bold face on it.
“I’ll mana­ge,” I said. “It could be worse. At least he’s ali­ve.”
“True.” She glanced at the sun, low over the hori­zon. “I’ll stay wi’ ye through the night, at least.”

Some Time later.…


Not in the Book but a wonderful Moment in the Show

Pictures from Outlander

All rights for the Pic­ture go to the right­ful owner Starz
Excer­pts and Quo­tes by Diana Gabal­don from “Out­lan­der“
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