Jenny and Jamie Fraser — Honor

The whole Scene between Jamie and Jenny after their fight:

“All right,” he said. “But I want to know, Jen­ny; did ye know when ye went with him that he’d not harm you?”
She was silent for a moment, but her gaze was steady on her brother’s face, and at last she shook her head, a slight smile on her lips.
She put out a hand to stop Jamie’s protest, and the gull-winged brows rose in a grace­ful arc of inquiry. “And if your life is a suit­able exchange for my hon­or, tell me why my hon­or is not a suit­able exchange for your life?” The brows drew togeth­er in a scowl, the twin of the one adorn­ing her brother’s face. “Or are you telling me that I may not love you as much as you love me? Because if ye are, Jamie Fras­er, I’ll tell ye right now, it’s not true!”

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Open­ing his mouth to reply before she was fin­ished, Jamie was tak­en sud­den­ly at a loss by this con­clu­sion. He closed his mouth abrupt­ly as his sis­ter pressed her advantage.
“Because I do love ye, for all you’re a thick-head­ed, slack-wit­ted, lack-brained gomer­el. And I’ll no have ye dead in the road at my feet just because you’re too stub­born to keep your mouth shut for the once in your life!”
Blue eyes glared into blue eyes, shoot­ing sparks in all direc­tions. Swal­low­ing the insults with dif­fi­cul­ty, Jamie strug­gled for a ratio­nal reply. He seemed to be mak­ing up his mind to some­thing. Final­ly he squared his shoul­ders, resigned to it.

“All right, then, I’m sor­ry,” he said. “I was wrong, and I’ll beg your pardon.”
He and his sis­ter sat star­ing at each oth­er for a long moment, but what­ev­er par­don he was expect­ing from her was not forth­com­ing. She exam­ined him close­ly, bit­ing her lip, but said noth­ing. Final­ly he grew impatient.
“I’ve said I’m sor­ry! What more d’ye want of me?” he demand­ed. “Do ye want me to go on my knees to ye? I’ll do it if I must, but tell me!”
She shook her head slow­ly, lip still caught between her teeth.“No,” she said at last, “I’ll not have ye on your knees in your own house. Stand up, though.”
Jamie stood, and she set the child down on the loveseat and crossed the room to stand in front of him.
“Take off your shirt,” she ordered.
“I’ll not!”
She jerked the shirt­tail out of his kilt and reached for the but­tons. Short of forcible resis­tance, clear­ly he was going to obey or sub­mit to being undressed. Retain­ing as much dig­ni­ty as he could, he backed away from her, and tightlipped, removed the dis­put­ed garment.She cir­cled behind him and sur­veyed his back, her face dis­play­ing the same care­ful­ly blank expres­sion I had seen Jamie adopt when con­ceal­ing some strong emo­tion. She nod­ded, as though con­firm­ing some­thing long suspected.
“Weel, and if you’ve been a fool, Jamie, it seems you’ve paid for it.” She laid her hand gen­tly on his back, cov­er­ing the worst of the scars.

Pictures from Outlander
“It looks as though it hurt.”
“It did.”
“Did you cry?”
His fists clenched invol­un­tar­i­ly at his sides. “Yes!”
Jen­ny walked back around to face him, point­ed chin lift­ed and slant­ed eyes wide and bright. “So did I,” she said soft­ly. “Every day since they took ye away.”The broad-cheeked faces were once more mir­rors of each oth­er, but the expres­sion that they wore was such that I rose and stepped qui­et­ly through the kitchen door to leave them alone. As the door swung to behind me, I saw Jamie catch hold of his sister’s hands and say some­thing huski­ly in Gael­ic. She stepped into his embrace, and the rough bright head bent to the dark.

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