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This is Part I from the Dia­log bet­ween Jamie and Clai­re after the Witch Tri­al, Part II is Truth

Pictures from Outlander

The whole Scene

It won’t — ” he began, then hesi­ta­ted, “I mean, the cuts are not deep. I — I think you’ll no be…marked.”He spo­ke gruf­fly, but his touch was very gent­le, and redu­ced me to tears once more.

I’m sor­ry,” I mum­bled, dabb­ling my nose on a cor­ner of the plaid. “I — I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t know why I can’t stop cry­ing.”

He shrug­ged. “I din­na sup­po­se anyone’s tried to hurt ye on pur­po­se befo­re, Sas­se­nach,” he said. “It’s likely the shock of that, so much as the pain.” He pau­sed, picking up a plaid-end.

I did just the same, lass,” he said mat­ter-of-fact­ly. “Puked after, and cried while they clean­sed the cuts. Then I shook.” He wiped my face care­ful­ly with the plaid, then put a hand under my chin and til­ted my face up to his.

And when I stop­ped shaking, Sas­se­nach,” he said quiet­ly, “I than­ked God for the pain, becau­se it meant I was still ali­ve.” He let go, nod­ding at me. “When ye get to that point, las­sie, tell me; for I’ve a thing or two I want to be say­in’ to ye then.”

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Excer­pts and Quo­tes by Diana Gabal­don from “Out­lan­der“
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