Jenny and Jamie Fraser — Honor

The whole Scene between Jamie and Jenny after their fight:

All right,” he said. “But I want to know, Jen­ny; did ye know when ye went with him that he’d not harm you?”
She was silent for a moment, but her gaze was ste­ady on her brother’s face, and at last she shook her head, a slight smi­le on her lips.
She put out a hand to stop Jamie’s pro­test, and the gull-win­ged brows rose in a grace­ful arc of inqui­ry. “And if your life is a sui­ta­ble exchan­ge for my honor, tell me why my honor is not a sui­ta­ble exchan­ge for your life?” The brows drew toge­ther in a scowl, the twin of the one adorning her brother’s face. “Or are you tel­ling me that I may not love you as much as you love me? Becau­se if ye are, Jamie Fra­ser, I’ll tell ye right now, it’s not true!”

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Ope­ning his mouth to reply befo­re she was finis­hed, Jamie was taken sud­den­ly at a loss by this con­clu­si­on. He clo­sed his mouth abrupt­ly as his sis­ter pres­sed her advan­ta­ge.
“Becau­se I do love ye, for all you’re a thick-hea­ded, slack-wit­ted, lack-brai­ned gome­rel. And I’ll no have ye dead in the road at my feet just becau­se you’re too stubborn to keep your mouth shut for the once in your life!”
Blue eyes gla­red into blue eyes, shoo­ting sparks in all direc­tions. Swal­lo­wing the insults with dif­fi­cul­ty, Jamie strugg­led for a ratio­nal reply. He see­med to be making up his mind to some­thing. Final­ly he squa­red his shoul­ders, resi­gned to it.

All right, then, I’m sor­ry,” he said. “I was wrong, and I’ll beg your par­don.”
He and his sis­ter sat sta­ring at each other for a long moment, but wha­te­ver par­don he was expec­ting from her was not forth­co­m­ing. She exami­ned him clo­se­ly, biting her lip, but said not­hing. Final­ly he grew impa­ti­ent.
“I’ve said I’m sor­ry! What more d’ye want of me?” he deman­ded. “Do ye want me to go on my knees to ye? I’ll do it if I must, but tell me!”
She shook her head slow­ly, lip still caught bet­ween her teeth.“No,” she said at last, “I’ll not have ye on your knees in your own hou­se. Stand up, though.”
Jamie stood, and she set the child down on the love­se­at and crossed the room to stand in front of him.
“Take off your shirt,” she orde­red.
“I’ll not!”
She jer­ked the shirt­tail out of his kilt and reached for the but­tons. Short of for­ci­ble resis­tan­ce, clear­ly he was going to obey or sub­mit to being undres­sed. Retai­ning as much digni­ty as he could, he backed away from her, and tight­lip­ped, remo­ved the dis­pu­ted garment.She cir­cled behind him and sur­vey­ed his back, her face dis­play­ing the same care­ful­ly blank expres­si­on I had seen Jamie adopt when con­ce­aling some strong emo­ti­on. She nod­ded, as though con­fir­ming some­thing long suspec­ted.
“Weel, and if you’ve been a fool, Jamie, it seems you’ve paid for it.” She laid her hand gent­ly on his back, covering the worst of the scars.

Pictures from Outlander
It looks as though it hurt.”
“It did.”
“Did you cry?”
His fists clen­ched invol­un­ta­ri­ly at his sides. “Yes!”
Jen­ny wal­ked back around to face him, poin­ted chin lifted and slan­ted eyes wide and bright. “So did I,” she said soft­ly. “Every day sin­ce they took ye away.”The broad-chee­ked faces were once more mir­rors of each other, but the expres­si­on that they wore was such that I rose and step­ped quiet­ly through the kit­chen door to lea­ve them alo­ne. As the door swung to behind me, I saw Jamie catch hold of his sister’s hands and say some­thing hus­ki­ly in Gaelic. She step­ped into his embrace, and the rough bright head bent to the dark.

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